Example for adding Grove - LoRa-E5 to TTN

Does anyone have a good example for adding a Grove - LoRa-E5 to The Things Stack Community Edition?

When choosing the SenseCAP LoRa-E5 STM32WLE5JC to The Things Stack Community Edition I get an error message stating: “Invalid value of field mac_settings.ping_slot_frequency.value”

Any help on how to correct this or manually register, including the correct FSB # to use for the US would be appreciated.

Same issue on my side. According to https://github.com/TheThingsNetwork/lorawan-devices/blob/master/vendor/sensecap/loramodule-e5-profile.yaml, ping_slot_frequency value is set to 0 we have no way to change this since the settings are managed by SeedStudio. The parameter is not set in any other yaml file for SenseCap models , mabe it should just be removed from the file and it would get a default value

There is a way to create it manually on TTN. LoRaWAN version = MAC V1.0.2, Regional Parameters version = RevB, Frequency plan = US , FSB2

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Creating it manually worked…

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