Example CAN-Shield Comm over DB9

Hello everyone,

First I would like to say that the people at Seeed have done a very good job with the products and the software that they have provided, thumbs up! :slight_smile:

Coming to my problem, I am very new to CAN though I have some experience working with Arduino. In my current task, I am trying to send CAN messages from MATLAB through a Vector box (VN7600) to the Arduino and from the Arduino to my laptop where I can see the messages on the serial monitor. This is the first step in the project to check if all software and hardware are working.

I burned the “receive_check.ino” example to the Arduino and executed the programe but I am receiving garbage messages. I receive messages even when I send nothing from MATLAB! Could it be because I have connected a DB9 cable from the Vector box to the shield and not directly to the CAN_H and CAN_L? Is there a simple receive example for the Arduino where the messages arrive via DB9?

I would be very helpful if someone can please help me in this matter, thank you!

Hi there

Please check baud rate setting on the serial port, make sure it is 115200. thanks.