Ethernet + TLS/SSL on Arch GPRS V2


I’m building a small smart house network at home around the as the main unit.

The central unit is communicating with several Arduino via RS485.

I have few questions which are related to each other:

  • I’m correct to assume that I can use the Arduino Ethernet Shield with the Arch, if I adapt/recompile the correct library and maybe reassign the shield’s pins correctly ?
  • Is there a better solution for adding Ethernet support to the Arch GPRS V2 ?
  • Is there a solution to add TLS/SSL support to the Arch GPRS V2 ? Maybe via an hardware extension board ?

My backup plan, is to try the Arduino Ethernet Shield for the Arch and use the crypto-arduino-library lib for adding some security.

PS: this security concern is for learning. there is no a real threat since it’s on my local home network.

Has anyone used the libs ?
Or a hardware solution similar to the Microchip ENC424J600 ?