Ethernet Shield wiki example code isn't working for me

I was playing around with the example code to toggle LEDs. On the Wiki page it is example 3. I was able to follow along with the first two examples which worked just as expected. For this third example I copied the code to my arduino IDE just as I did with the first 2 examples and uploaded the sketch with no errors but when I open the server page and pressed each button to toggle the pins the leds don’t light up or toggle. I am using an arduino uno and the seeed studios Ethernet shield V2.0 that I recently bought from radioshack. I know that the circuit is correct because with the Ethernet shield still attached I tested all three pins (2,3,5) using the basic blink example and they all light up. When the sketch is running there are 2 leds (one red and one green) on the shield that are constantly lit. Any clue as to why this is this example isn’t working? Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated. … The_Shield

-Thank you

What the Arduino’s serial monitor output looks like? And when you press one of the buttons on the browser, did the browser reply back with the pin’s ON/OFF state?