Ethernet Shield W5500

I purchased the Ethernet Shield-W5500 and have been unsuccessful in getting it to function correctly. I have downloaded and tried both the Ethernet2 and WIZ_Ethernet Library and have had the same results on both.

Using the server example, if I enter in my IP address, set PIN 4 as OUTPUT, HIGH, I can get a serial print showing an IP address for the server. Issue is this IP address is not what I had set in the sketch and I can not connect to the server via a browser. Even though the serial print shows the wrong IP, I can ping the device at the correct IP address. Just can’t get anywhere from there.

The sketch is updating the IP and MAC as if I change the IP and/or the MAC, I can ping the IP and using ARP - a, I can see the IP and MAC address.

I am trying to keep things pretty simple for troubleshooting:
Arduino 1.6.8
Arduino Due
Ethernet Shield W5500

Webserver Sketch.jpg
Webserver Serial Print.jpg