Ethernet and GPRS shield

I bought an Ethernet and one of the old revision (the one with the old fashion antenna, not the rectangular one ) GPRS shields and I would like to do a project where I need both at the same time, I cannot find a way to connect both together, the Ethernet shield only have connectors in one side of the board, the GPRS have connectors in both sides but there are some missing connectors that the Ethernet shield need and the GPRS doesn’t have (three pins).
Any ideas on how to make both works ?.


The GPRS does not have a ISP port,but Ethernet does not have Pin headers.So maybe there are two ways for connecting them together:

1.Use Pin headers( … th=156_162),solder some Pin headers on the ethernet.

2.Use jumper wire to connect ethernet to Seeeduino or Arduino(your board).
D10 - Used for SPI Chip Select
D11 - Used for SPI MOSI
D12 - Used for SPI MISO
D13 - Used for SPI SCK

Might that would be helpful to you.

Thanks for your response, I’ll take a look today to see if I understood the recommendations.