Esxi in ODYSSEY X86J4105 no detect emmc

the esxi does not detect the odysey’s native emmc storage anyone knows what might be happening

When booting up, keep pressing DEL key to enter the setup Screen. Navigate to Advanced -> CSM Support and press Enter to enable it.

I activate the option you tell me and it still doesn’t go away

@ansonhe97 Please help him.

Hi @javiermiras88

Can you provide more details, so emmc doesn’t appear in all instances or boot up? Did you install the OS in a separate drive? Also, did you format parirtion the emmc storage?


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Following, I’m having the same problem

Can you describe the problem in detail, is it always undetected?

I have tried many options, both in UEFI and CSM mode and I wasn’t able to make ESXi installer to see the eMMC disk.
Any ideas?

Hi Michal, VM OS can’t installed to the eMMC as I know.