ESP8266 problem


I’ve recently purchased the grove ESP8266.

I followed the guidelines to flash the firmware but i failed.

kindly refer to the image to understand what am i facing.

Please advise what should i do. :neutral_face:


the “chip sync error” may happened sometime, I think you can retry follow the steps blow:

1, check your Rx and Tx signal connection: Grove Pin0 -> UART Bee Tx; Grove Pin1 -> UART Bee Rx;
2, hold the button on the Grove - UART Wifi module until the red LED lights on
3, push the “Start” button again on you computer

if it shows “chip sync error” again, you can retry step 2 ~ 3


If i were to hook it up to Arduino Uno, how do i do that?

Grove ESP8266 / Uno
5v ------------- 5v
GND ----------- GND
Rx ------------- Tx
Tx ------------- Rx

am i right?


For normal communication between Arduino UNO & ESP8266; your table is correct. Please note that UART port is also used for uploading code to Atmega328 IC in Arduino.

BTW, Are you trying to flash Grove UART WiFi (i.e ESP8266) with Arduino UNO ?

Thanks and Warm Regards

yes sir. im trying to use grove UARt wifi with arduino.


You would require a USB to UART board like UARTSBee to flash the bootloader. USB2UART in UNO can not be used directly to flash ESP8266 Grove as the ATMega328 shares the same UART for uploading code.

Thanks and Warm Regards

[size=85](P.S: There are few guides on the internet to use Arduino UNO as USB to Serial / UART. It requires careful technique to isolate Atmega328 during USB2Serial operation. Search with above keyword)[/size]