ESP32S3 Sense with XIAO Round Display - JPEG decoding

I have gotten my ESP32S3 Sense and have tried the examples given by XIAO for camera and live streaming.

I came across Bodmer’s JPEGDecoder. I am keen on trying to understand how to actually convert the jpeg to bmp and to display it on the round display.

Separately, I am able to display bitmap files that I have converted into arrays and then use it to display on the Round Display.

Is there any examples out there that is using the ESP32S3 Sense Camera to capture a picture which then saves into the SD (in JPEG) and then using the JPEGDecoder to display the images onto the round display?

Hi there,
Have a look at the Gif viewer from SD demo on here that may lead you in the right way.
GL :slight_smile: PJ

Is this only applicable for .gif files? I saw there is a AnimatedGIF.h but I do not see anything related to that header file.