ESP32S3 Sense and SDMMC SD card interface


I am trying to figure out if I can use the ESP-IDF SDMMC interface to access the SD card.

IF so, what are the settings?

Ref: SDMMC Host Driver - ESP32 - — ESP-IDF Programming Guide latest documentation

The reference quoted appears to be for the ESP32, where you could not re-direct the MMC pins.

The reference for the ESP32S3, says that for that processor you can re-direct the pins;

But what the commands to do this would be, I have no idea.

Sorry, I copied the wrong link. It should have been for the ESP32S3. What I need is the GPIO pin numbers for:
sdmmc_slot_config_t slot = SDMMC_SLOT_CONFIG_DEFAULT();
slot.clk = GPIO_NUM_1;
slot.cmd = GPIO_NUM_2;
slot.d0 = GPIO_NUM_3;
slot.d1 = GPIO_NUM_4;
slot.d2 = GPIO_NUM_5;
slot.d3 = GPIO_NUM_6;


i’m trying to read a file on the microSD card plugged in the expansion board slot of the ESP32S3-Sense with ESP-IDF SDMMC.

did you find your answer ?

Yes, but I am using Xedge32 and doc now includes the sense board: Miscellaneous API — Xedge32 documentation

BTW, the sense board has major issues. I sent the following to seed studio, but never got a response:

Firstly, I have experienced consistent and reproducible communication
errors with the SD card interface on both boards. Specifically, when
attempting to list a directory with many files, I encounter the
following error messages: E (23781) sdmmc_cmd: sdmmc_read_sectors_dma:
sdmmc_send_cmd returned 0x108 and E (23782) diskio_sdmmc:
sdmmc_read_blocks failed (0x108). This issue points to a timeout error,
indicating a problem with the SD card communication.

It is important to note that the same SD card works flawlessly on a
different ESP32-S3 board (Freenove ESP32-S3-WROOM CAM Board), which
suggests that the problem lies with the XIAO boards.

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I don’t see those issues at all with the basic Libraries and arduino?
Check out the DRAG and Drop test thread, the SD card tests Does all of it (above)without Errors for me.
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Where is the ‘DRAG and Drop’ test thread ?

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