I can’t seem to get ESP-NOW to work with ESP32S3 is there anything different between the ESP32S3 and ESP32C3 that would prevent the same code that works on the ESP32C3 to work on the ESP32S3?

Although we don’t generally support technical support for the parts that are not in wikis, I wanted to be kind to learn about them,ESP-NOW is a peer-to-peer communication method that requires a specified receiver to send data.Do you specify his mac address

Thank you for helping and for your understanding! I was able to find the issue and I now have everything working. The ESP32S3 that I was testing with had a bad antenna as soon as I replaced it with one from one of the 100’s of ESP32C3 that I have everything was up and working. That’s just my luck “bad antenna”.

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i am trying also to use ESPNOW with ESP32C3 in micropython. Please which firmware did you load ?
using generic_C3 doesn’t allow to use USBC serial (no reply so far for UART serial in MP) and generic_C3_USB do not allow to import espnow from esp.

Hello, here is a reference demo: MicroPython ESP-Now 最简实践: MicroPython ESP-Now 最简实践, you can download the firmware to try

Thank you but firmware links for download do not work. Are they from Glenn20 ESPNOW github ?

Hello, here is the onedrive url:, I do not know its source, but I try without error

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I ended up just using ESP-Now in Arduino.