ESP32C3 xiao Does it have any built in pull up resistors?

simply put, are there any? I’m mostly looking at pins 10,9,8. Some other dev boards have them built in so I’m wondering.

Maybe you can find the answer here

Thanks, so it seems like all the pins are just a straight connection.

Good to know as for my projects on other dev boards had pull up resistors and I was able to get away with just them.

Hi there,
Well the Inputs and outputs can be assigned PULLUP, PULLDOWN which would indicate yes,
Now also the LIB you may be using in example 9,10,11 are SPI for Xiao, So low level the SPI.hex lib might reverence a “.h” a DOT hex file and asserts the Pull-ups etc for those pins in question.
Something like the use of an external flash chip connected to SPI #2 perhaps on the mcu uses the same Miso,Mosi & Sclk, but different CS, You need to set the CS pin Low prior to so it is deselected the spi device for example.
GL :slight_smile: PJ

Also AFAIK, Looking at the data sheet if its a GPIO the Resistor is programable.