ESP32C3 Won't start loaded sketch unless I 'blip' power on/off/on at startup

Hi all,

I’ve attempted to find the solution to this both in the forums here and elsewhere, so forgive me if it’s already been asked and answered.

When using the the ESP32C3, I’ve found that any sketch I load will not run when I power on the board, however if I ‘Blip’ power - meaning power it on, immediately power it off, and then power it on again, it will ‘jog’ the board to load and run the sketch loaded.

I’ve attempted this with both a 3.7v battery to the 3v and gnd connections, AND with a Buck converter (set to 5.1v) sending power to the VIN pin and gnd connections, both with and without schottky diode in place, as mentioned in the wiki.

Anyone have a solution to this, or am I missing something fundamental in configuration/firmware?

Thanks for any assistance you can provide!