ESP32C3 wifi disconnecting

Ok so I just started getting into working with anything esp32 and I got the grove vision ai v2 kit with the esp32c3 and I have been following the guide to set this up with the sensecap app. I got everything to work according to plan right up until setting up the wifi. it wont stay connected for more than a few seconds and the MQTT wont connect like its suppose to, but I sort of have to assume its related to the wifi disconnecting until I get that figured out. What could be causing the off and on of the wifi like that?

Hi there, & welcome
Well I’m jelly, :smiling_face: the free one I won on the Live Stream is in the mail still. I would say sounds like a blocking piece of code somewhere. causing it to drop connection. (it’s single core)
Can you load the WPS demo on it and see if it works OK there.
can you post the code?
GL :slight_smile: PJ

I will find the wps demo and see what happens with that. I don’t actually have any code on hand to speak of. the guide just had me load a bin file to the esp32c3 and then sensecraft loaded the model and stuff to the vision ai module so I didn’t actually write anything.

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