ESP32C3 I2C - Does it require pull up resistors?

I looked on the ESP32C3 XIAO schematic and found that there is no pull up resistors for the I2C SDA - SCL.
If i want to use the I2C do i need to attach two pull up resistors for the SDA SCL?
If yes, what are the values?

Thank you

Just buy grove products and you will be fine


Something about I²C pull-Up :

See also :

7 Electrical connections of I2C-bus devices to the bus lines
page 50 in NXP → I2C-bus specification and user manual (pdf 157,3 Kio)

… and Pull-up resistors (I2C) - Wire (I2C) | Reference | Particle

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Thanks for this contribution!
Seeed should add this to the Wiki!