ESP32C3 does not start anymore after cutting power off and on again

When I upload my code the programm starts running and everything works fine. But when I cut off power for a short moment and put it on again(externally or PC), the code does not get executed anymore. I have to plug power off and on again many times to make it work. Pressing Restart does not change anything. Unconnecting the USB-C, pressing Boot, reconnecting the USB and letting the Boot button go afterwards does help, but there must be a way to fix this problem. It would be extremly unreliable if you have to restart the board like this every time afer power got cut off. (also it has nothing to do with the code, the same behavior showed while making a LED blink)
Maybe I have to put a capacitor somewere? Has anyone had this problem as well? I did not find much about it on the internet.

How long is a short moment? Try a longer moment and see if the same behavior happens…

If the power blinks very fast this could definitely cause a problem and yes a capacitor would help that by filtering the power supply


Many users have reported that xiao-esp32c3 cannot recognize or work after power failure. The reason is that xiaoesp32c3 did not integrate USB-TTL conversion chip when it was designed due to its size (mainly responsible for wearable devices). This problem cannot be solved well, which is an obvious shortcoming of XIAO-ESP32C3. SeeedStudio has also noticed this problem, we are waiting for the R & D department to deal with it, and we will release the result as soon as possible

thank you!

Hi Jostar,
Thank you for telling me :slight_smile: but then I can work around that issue by powering the xiao-esp32c3 via the 3,3V pin, correct?

To be honest, you may need to maintain a constant power supply to the XIAO-ESP32C3, or it will need to be reset, which is the weakness of the XIAO-ESP32C3 compared to its low power consumption, small size and other advantages