ESP32C3 always enters download mode on cold boot

I have the XIAO ESP32C3 and see a strange issue where the ESP is stuck on “waiting for download” on cold boot.

When I press the RST button, the code starts fine.

I’m getting a boot:0x0 on serial output so it looks like the strapping pins are read as low. I cannot understand that since I don’t have nothing connected on GPIO8 or 9 and according to the documentation GPIO9 is using an internal weak pull-up.

I’ve seen this similar issue someone had where they were given the suggestion to remove the C15 parallel to boot switch (as far as I read the schematic). Obviously something I cannot do - because I cannot even see that on on the XIAO board.

Any suggestions on why the strapping pins are read as low on cold boot but fine on resets afterwards?

Thanks already,