ESP32C3 3.3V direct

Am I able to power this Xiao board directly via the 3.3V PIN?
I am stepping down 12V to whatever I like, and 3.3V could be ideal
What would happen if I connect up a USB while I’m doing this?

Hello! You would better not power this XIAO board directly via the 3.3V pin, but the VCC pin is allow 3.3V power in
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@xzxcessarr that comes as a surprise! By VCC I presume we are talking about the 5V in?

There is a schematic of the power supply section in post 2 of the link below. I think it will be helpful.

Charging characteristics of XIAO_nRF52840 and XIAO_ESP32C3 - #2 by msfujino

The schematic indicates an LDO with ~200mV drop and a diode in front of that with ~325mV drop. A total of ~525mV drop. That means to me placing 3.3V on the 5V pin will get me ~2.8V. That seems problematic.

I must ask again, which pin is the VCC pin? 5V(VUSB?) or VBAT?
The linked schematic only mentions VCC_3V3

I have placed ~3.4V across the VUSB pin. Part does not appear to power up.

Please indicate which pin from Getting Started | Seeed Studio Wiki diagrams is the “VCC” pin