ESP32 Core for Arduino IDE Version 3.0.0 is Now Available From Espressif

Hay Seeed Studio Imagineers, I want a ESP32-C6 Xiao ASAP :grin:

Looks like Espressif are continuing their development and some Improvements.
Good info here, This Caught my eye :eye:

“The ESP32 Arduino core updated some existing APIs and added a few new ones. For example, Espressif added a native I2C (audio library), Ethernet SPI (supporting W5500, DM9051, and the KSZ8851SNL ICs), and Wake Word. Voice recognition with Wake Word and Command Processing is only available on the ESP32-S3.” for starters.

They are not messing around and listen to the user base HARD!

“This release was a huge milestone for the community not only because of the new SoCs (System on Chips) support but also because of the new era for the project, including an enormous number of new features, bug fixes, new examples, drivers, and the core documentation in 14 releases, 800 commits have been added by 88 contributors after the 2.0.0 release.”

Library, Libraries, LIBS… :wink:
GL :slight_smile: PJ

Xiao ESP32C3 and Xiao ESP32S3 are in the new GIT :+1:
and adafruit needs a few more boards…LOL

This chip is also among our candidates.

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