error : time out in notifying node

I received my Deluxe plus kit and it was very well packaged.
I opened it and started to built as shown in the video.
On both cards I have the following message on my galaxy note 2 phone (android 4.4): “error : time out in notifying node” when I am connected on my home WiFi.

I used a phone of a friend who shared his internet connection (he has a different internet services provider than me) and it worked perfectly. so I was wondering what is going wrong with my configuration?
The wio is well connected to my WiFi network
I can set it up and see it online.
I set the groove configuration
I click on the update button
I see building the firmware
then I seen “notifying node [0]”
then “notifying node [1]”
then “notifying node [2]”
and then the error message “error : time out in notifying node”

Does specific port has to be opened?

I browse the forum and searched but I did not found any similar problem to me.

Thank you for your help.