Error Software Ultrasonic

When i make download in … nic_Ranger of Library and execute.

It’s error “In file included from UltrasonicDisplayOnTerm.cpp:1:
C:\arduino-1.0.1\libraries\Ultrasonic/Ultrasonic.h:25:22: error: WProgram.h: No such file or directory”

I need of the file WProgram.h.


sorry, because of the Lib is designed in Arduino IDE 022, you would need to use 022 IDE to compile the lib.
we would recently upgrade this Lib to IDE 1.0, thanks
and, if you can edit the lib by yourself , it would be convenient :stuck_out_tongue:
delete the following sentance in Ultrasonic.h and Ultrasonic.cpp:
//#include “WProgram.h”
and add the following in the same location as above:
#include “Arduino.h”

Thank you, work it.

YES! I finally found this web page! I’ve been looking just for this article for so long!!