Error Programming with Atmel AVRISP STK500 USB ISP Programmr

I just received my “Atmel AVRISP STK500 USB ISP Programmer” (SKU: TOL102C3B) yesterday. I can’t seem to program anything. AVR Studio on my desktop computer refuses to connect to the device (drivers installed and COM port assigned). On my laptop it connects okay (data below) but when I try to program I get an error. “A problem occurred when executing the command. Make sure that you are using the correct programming method. Current mode is ISP. See the commend output for more info.” I have a friends programmer actually from Atmel and it programs fine with the same setup. I’ve double checked the PINs and power.

Detecting on ‘Auto’…
AVRISP with V2 firmware found on COM7:
Getting revisions… HW: 0x0f, SW Major: 0x02, SW Minor: 0x0a … OK
Getting isp parameter… SD=0x01 … OK

Getting isp parameter… SD=0x01 … OKOK
Reading FLASH input file… OK
Setting mode and device parameters… OK!
Entering programming mode… FAILED!
Leaving programming mode… OK!

Any suggestions?

Did your target Board power up?

Yes. I tried supplying power through the ISP header as well as through the microprocessor. Like I said, I have a friends unit (it’s a little older serial version directly from Atmel) and using the same setup it works perfectly. I’ve tried using the specified version, making sure the USB drivers are installed and functioning correctly. I’m sure it’s something I need to do special with this programmer. I don’t even care if I have to use AVRDUDE to program it so long as I can get my .hex file onto my ATTiny2313

Playing with it today I can program a chip IF I use “avrdude.exe -p t2313 -c stk500 -P com4 -U flash:w:AVRGCC1.hex” and IF I try several times in a row. Most of the time it tells me that the product identifier on the chip does not match the value I passed in (ATTiny2313). If I try a bunch of times in a row it will eventually work. When it does work it happens fast, but I still can’t get it to program from AVR Studio and I still can’t get it reliably.