Error in XIAO ESP32S3 Sense Schematic?

On the XIAO ESP32S3 Sense Schematic the OV2640 DVDD on connector JA1 is labeled as VCC_1V8. However the regulator used to provide that voltage is an SGM2036S-1.3XXDH4G/TR which is a 1.3V regulator.

Screenshot - 08_11_2023 , 15_43_52

Hi there,
Do you have a picture? That’s very interesting.
Not sure if that’s even in the range the camera’s VCC ? :exploding_head: Hmmm?
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The ‘picture’ of the schematic is as shown.

The stated limits for the camera module used, for that particular power pin are;

Min 1.24V, Typ 1.3V, Max 1.36V.

There are of course other power pins.

Hi there, no…LOL
The actual Chip. the IC , I see the schematic. the part no. reflects a 1.3v @300ma dropout reg.
300mA, Low Power, Low Dropout,
RF Linear Regulators

You don’t give allot of info ? Did you measure it?
or are you saying a type-o thing?
clarify if you would please.
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And the net on the schematic is labelled VCC_1V8 as per the section of the schematic I posted.

Perhaps it was meant to be labeled as VCC_1V3 ?

Check it in Eagle.

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Thank you very much for your feedback.
We are using SGM2036S-1.3XXDH4G/TR at U2, which outputs 1.3V. The network label (VCC_1V8) on the schematic is incorrect and should be changed to 1V3.
We will update the schematic as soon as possible. Thank you again for your feedback!

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Thank you.

I spotted the problem because I was trying to replicate the XIAO ESP32S3 Sense Camera layout with an ESP32S3 Dev Kit board and a FPC 24P 0.5mm adapter board which breaks out the OV2640 camera connections to 0.1" headers.

I did get the camera and SD working and this much larger setup makes developing applications a lot easier.

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