Error in two OPL Eagle parts

When trying to add the 2*18P Male Vertical Header to my schematic, I get an error saying that it has unconnected pins.

And, similarly for the 2*18P Male 90D Header, I get an error saying there is package.

In the library view, I can see that the part are actually defined as having 2*23P.

Could you please correct this?

OPL error.png

OPL another error.png


Thanks for pointing the issues in the OPL Eagle library. We have forwared this to our OPL team to fix. This issue will be fixed with the next release of the library.

Warm Regards.

edit: typo[/size]

Thanks for inform us the errors. We have already fixed this part.
Please follow below link to download the newest eagle library.
OPL eagle library :

Thank you for fixing this!