"error" in Grove base shield v1.2


Just to report (maybe for v1.3?) that it doesn’t stack well with other modules.
To be more precise, it can’t be put between an Arduino and an Ethernet Shield, since its headers “displace” the top module so that it can’t connect to the ICSP bus.
And its increased width (mainly to accomodate displaced headers) makes it incompatible with “strict” boxes.

My suggestions for next release would be:

  1. use female headers with long pins like other Arduino modules (bonus: less manual soldering work!)
  2. keep it the same width as the other modules (requires re-arranging front headers and reset button)
  3. keep an eye on ICSP header alignment

Hope it helps others…

Hi ,

Thank you very much for your advice , it help us a lot. I will feedback it to our designers.