Erasing files in the USB memory

How do you erase a file in the DSO USB memory using a computer?

I have numerous .csv files stored and wish to get rid of the old ones. I cannot find any location in the manuals for the procedure to erase files either from the DSO or from a computer.

When the computer is connected and used to erase several files it will not delete any more than 10 at a time.

When a single file is erased from a computer USB connection the file seems to be gone until the DSO is powered down and back up. It then just reappears. I understand the principle when you internally write a .csv file that you must power down the DSO and back up for it to be moved into the USB flash section. This is not the problem but may be related.

A second related problems also involves the .csv files. About 30% of the time when a file is written over an existing file the new written file is corrupted. I have not seen this when a new file name is chosen. This is the reason for trying to erase previously written files.

This is a great instrument and we love it for a very small data recorder at faster sample rates. Nothing like it on the market in a standalone. Can’t live with out it.

This unit I have is a DSO quad and not a DSO nano.

Is the software Like the BenF versions comparable with either unit?

No. Benf is for DSO Nano v1 and v2 only.