ePaper Breakout Board for Xiao

The new ePaper Breakout Board - 20-pin FPC connection, additional 8-pin 2.54 header, fully compatible with Seeed Studio XIAO says the FPC connector has 20 pins.

This ePaper Breakout Board is an extension board, built with 20-pin FPC connector, designed for SeeedStudio XIAO series boards, for allowing you driving ePaper display seamlessly.

However, all the Supported eInk screens listed on the wiki page XIAO eInk Expansion Board | Seeed Studio Wiki feature 24-pin FPC connectors.

For example, the datasheet GDEW0213I5FD.pdf of the 2.13" Flexible Monochrome ePaper Display with 212x104 Pixels, SPI interface, Support XIAO/Arduino/STM32 - Seeed Studio lists 24 pins on section 5-1) Pin out List.

Could you please confirm the exact number of ways of the FPC connector?

Thank you for your help!

The incriminated page has been corrected and now reads

  • ePaper display extension designed for Seeed Studio XIAO boards: Provide 24-pin FPC connector, to allow you driving ePaper display seamlessly