Environmental Sensor Shield

Whilst the electronic bricks sensors are handy and easy to assemble they aren’t very efficient in terms of size, the cabling and connectors which connects the components to the platform take up more area then the actual components. What would be useful is commonly used components being placed onto a normal Arduino/Seeeduino compatible shield which can be simple placed ontop of a Seeeduino Stalker or other such platform. This has the benefits of being easy to assemble (Simply place the shield ontop) and being size efficient.
With all the different people out there making all different types of shields for the Arduino I’m still yet to find a simple shield which has temperature/humidity sensors that I can just slap on. Instead a bunch of soldering, finding parts and making PCBs are needed.
Would be good to have a shield which would encompass these sensors on board, such as temperature (DS18B20?) and temperature & humidity (SHT15?) with perhaps a photoresistor, infrared, compass and maybe other common things.
Surely enough people who want these things individually as parts would appreciate a simple shield they can slap on, especially those making many individual data loggers like me.

Thanks for the input!

We will be working on a new round of sensor modules and shields, will consider this feature.