Energy Monitor Shield

Anyone who has used the ADE7755 with the Arduino? I need an shield that measures 220 VAC and 50 A.
Are there any plans to develop something similar in the future?


I would love to measure the energy requirements of my various EVs. So I would like Seed to carry an AC/DC hall effect current sensor with at least 100 volts / 200 amps, preferably 300 volts / 200 amps capacity.


We developed a Pachube ( compatible energy monitor using Arduino and an Energy Meter Shield from Olimex Chile ( … cts_id=600)

This meter reads instant voltage, current and power. Also measures the accumulated energy consumption in kWh. With the energy meter shield you can upload your energy consumption data to the web so you be able to analize it and change usage habits, all this at low cost and using Arduino!!

Instructions and source code is available in our website.

Check a screenshot of the Energy Meter monitoring data … achube.htm

If you have any question about our project contact us at




You should look at (a low cost arduino with ethernet port for less than $40 / £20, developed by the London hackspace) and to

More info in


 Pedro Polonia