Energy meter board

Hi, energy metering is becoming popular. It would be nice a board for metering energy consumption.
Like using analog output proporcional to current, and other for voltage with opto isolation and fully calibrated, or also some kind of values for energy quality apparent power,reactive power…
That way it could be mesured directly on anolog inputs of a zigbee module.

Does seeedstudio has any project of this kind?


Hm… interesting, looking forward to see the sharing of this topic… :slight_smile:

It’s an unusual thing that now onwards there will be a board for metering energy consumption.

That would be nice. I just did a project using an Arduino and the Grid Insight wireless meter reader ( The guy that makes the Grid Insight mentioned that he will be coming out with an ethernet version soon.

I’d like a project that allows me to measure power used by some servers, being able to individually turn them on or off throught Ethernet.
The problem is that all projects I’ve seen use bulky solenoids as sensors(like openenergymonitor), while I’d prefer smaller “shunt” sensor.

something like this?

Yup! Seems so. I’ll have to look at it really well…
Small and supporting high currents (I don’t plan having to measure over 16A per line). If it’s precise enough I’m done :slight_smile:


Dear all,

The board is nice. How about go to our WISH page to give your suggestion for the Energy meter board.
What is you require for the function.
And thanks for your feedback.



Added link to interesting (cascatable) frontend: Microchip MCP3911.