End device connection

Hi Everyone,

I had bought a Wio E-5 development kit for prototyping and exploring purpose. I’m using RAK7268 gateway for communication and Things network as network server. I followed the steps as mentioned in seeed documentation (Wio-E5 Development Kit | Seeed Studio Wiki) and configured my gateway, application and added end device in Things network. I was able to Join my wio E5 development kit end node to TTN end device through AT + JOIN command and also able to send messages through AT + MSG commands. When I tried to go step ahead and started working on building custom applications as mentioned in doc(Wio-E5 Development Kit | Seeed Studio Wiki). I was able to build successfully in STM32Cube IDE and uploaded the program to dev board through STlink and STMProgrammer. I didn’t find any error in both STMCube IDE console and STMprogrammer console. Also, I got build success message. However, I’m not receiving lorawan package to TTN network.

Region: IN865

kindly assist me to sort this issue also, let me know if there’s any additional information required from my end.

Thanks in advance

i am just getting ready to explore this module right now so any information you can send my way would be great i am currently working on a water meter relay from out on the field to xiao round display in house point to point