Enclosures for 10cm square PCBs

I’m having huge difficulties finding a case for a 10cm x 10cm (or thereabouts) PCB. I want to pick out the case before I do the board layout, but finding a case which has the PCB up against the edge of the case (for connectors) and has reasonable mounting seems remarkably difficult. I’m looking for 8 to 10 cases (one for each of the PCBs)

I’m interested in any pointers… It would be great if Seeed themselves provided such a case along with the pcb template for any cutouts or mounting holes. [The sick of beige cases don’t quite cut it as I want a better enclosure to keep dust out etc]


I found (on aliexpress) a nice looking aluminum case: search for AK-C-C14. Not cheap ($11 each in quantity 10)

I’m thinking of using Seeed’s laser cutting service to make the end panels with all the cutouts – it will probably look much nicer than me trying to cut rectangular holes in aluminum plate.