Enable CAM_GPIO trigger - kernel 5.15

I have a problem with the kernel 5.15 and the mipi 22 pin connector. I connected the camera imx392 developed by VisionComponents and I want to enable the external trigger. On the mipi bus there is a pin called CAM_GPIO. I have to manage this pin for enable the camera grab with the external trigger. But this pin is USED by cam1_regulator if the kernel 15 is installed and I can’t control it.

I tried to downgrade to the kernel 5.10 and all works very fine. I’m able to export the GPIO pin 509 and set this pin to High or Low for the camera trigger.
With the kernel 5.15, linux introduced a new control/library (libcamera regulator) for managing the cameras.
Have you any idea to control this cam_gpio pin? How can I manage the camera with the external trigger using the 22pin bus?