EMO6 Modem driver install

I’m using the odyssey x86J4105800 (no emmc version) and the EM06-A cellular modem. I have a cellular modem connected to the Main port and a microSim card ( I’ve tried an AT&T from my phone and a prepaid T-mobile one). I’m using Linux OS and am not seeing any drivers being installed. I’ve tried adding a broadband connection in Advanced Networks but an not seeing any modem connection in settings. I can only see that the EM06 card is connected through lsusb.

Any ideas on what I have missed to get the modem working?

It seems that your hardware is working fine now.
You need to run a program to make the module working.
Please clone this repository and run it on your odyssey.
I just test it with my odyssey. And I can access the ethernet via EM06-A.
And here is my picture of my hardware connection:

If you have any problem, please let know~

Thanks! It’s working now.