EMG Sensor ADC to Volt Conversion

I’ve been using the Grove EMG detector in conjuction with the Grove shield and seeduino but I cannot convert the ADC values into voltage (or, as I would prefer, mV). The values given to me by arduino IDE is about 300 for a 5V reference and a bit under 500 for 3.3V reference. I have tried the extremely straightforward conversion, but without information about the amplifiers in the EMG sensor, I don’t know how I can get accurate results. Using the conversion sensorValue * (5/1023) I get an output of about 1.4V when the actual voltage measured by the sensor/given off by the muscle should not be more than 100mV at the absolute maximum (typical would likely be 0-30mV or so). Does anyone know where I can find information about the amplification or what the proper calculation should be for the ADC values to mV?


This product is for qualitative measurement instead of quantitative measurement if you need an accurate value, you may need to calibrate it by yourself.