Email ignored after I placed an order - I just want to know that it was recieved!!!

I placed an order around 3 days ago, and when I went to check on it some time later, it had disappeared from my cart.

I contacted support who told me there was no order, and attached a video of how to place one. Dismayed, I emailed back that I had placed one it’s just not showing.

A few hours later, I look at my account and the order is showing again!!!

I emailed off support with a screenshot of this and asked if they could now see the order, I have had no reply.

Can someone tell me if my order is received or not?! I have quite a few components that are pending, so I know this can take some time, but after customer support saying “we are sorry that we can’t find any record from mail account MYEMAIL”, I just need to know if you have the order or not!

First time using the Fusion service, and it’s off to a bad start…

Hello Smuckian,

Sorry for the distress and please rest assured that customer support will get back to you when they can. We aim to reply to you within one working day.

All the best,