Electronic Bricks - Schematics

I just received my shipment of Electronic Bricks. Excellent board quality and workmanship. I downloaded the Workbook but it doesn’t cover all the modules and a set of schematics would be very helpful. I searched the Forums for topics on Brick Schematics but have not found any. The Depot has information on some of them but most do not have any documentation. Is there a library of schematics or documentation I can download or review? At the very least, can you tell me the Vcc that the modules require (3.3 or 5.0)? I have several AVR microcontroller boards and use native C with Studio 4 for my code. I can translate Arduino sketches into regular C but schematics and chip documentation would be the most direct help. Thanks - Austin

I will clean up all the schematics of them and make up a PDF.

StarterKitSch.rar (579 KB)

OK the PDF has been upload~ :laughing:

Excellent work on the 1st seven. Thank You ! Now - for the rest we will all await anxiously.