Electronic Brick

hello all

is the electronic brick kit system going to be back in stock soon?
will there be any more new ‘bricks’? an RGB LED would be a good one



We are preparint for the electronic brick kit, and it will be ok this week.
Besides, there are RGB LEDs in the depot, what kinds do you want?

Thank you,


I though it would be nice to have a brick with the RGB LED on it. However, I look forward to the brick project, it is great for children and people who like to start off. Thank you for your efforts thus far.

To control the RGB LED you need 3 control pins and one public pin , so it’s not a good idea to make a RGB LDE brick : if a small brick have 3 or more connectors on it ,it is no so good looking and not so useful.
And we are planting the new bricks like : cable sensor , 128*64 LCD brick , motor brick .

Excellent - I look forward to that graphic LCD brick!