Electronic brick with Seeduino Stalker

Being completely new to the Seeeduino environment I apologise for the possible novice and trivial question.

How can electronic brick devices connected to Seeduino Stalker directly, without using Brick Shields? Can an electronic brick sensor connected to the I2C connector of the Stalker or must get a Brick Shield in order to communicate with the electronic brick sensor from the Seeeduino Stalker?

I was unable to locate it, so could you point me to the Wiki that describes the wiring up of electronic bricks?

Thanks in advance.

Hi there,

  1. Yes you can connect Seeduino Stalker to electronic brick devices directly.
  2. Depend what device you use, Stalker also has serial port and I2C port.
    That is SCL SDA for I2C. If you connect the right jack it could be work.

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