Electronic Brick Starter Kit & Netduino+

Ok. I’m a noob. Hear me out.

I have no experience using embedded devices.

I have purchased a Netduino+ and a tutorial book for connecting them to web services… A lot of example code in C++…

I have also purchased the Seeedstudio ‘Electronic Brick Starter Kit’, which I know is for the Arduino but should be compatible with the Netduino, Right? I would just like to know how compatible they are, is there demo code in C++ that can be used with the Netduino+?

I’ve tried to look for resources/discussions/anything regarding this but maybe my searches are too nooby to find anything…




hi , well come to a new world.
first , you should know, the netduino is based on microsoft C#, you need to install that compiler and related platform to start .
whild the Arduino is based on Arduino IDE.
second, the elctronic brick is surly compatible with Netduino. but be careful, the "compatible " means hardware, the example code for these brick totally can not be compiled in the microsoft C# platform. you need to change something , and , this is essential.

for the very beginners of hardware and software, i suggest you try the arduino platform and the Grove system , which maybe more understandable for you.