Electronic Brick Shield V4 questions and proposals

I’m playing for a while with Electronic Brick Shield and like it very much, because it simplifies the connection of sensors to analog/digital pins, i2c bus, bluetooth module to serial, etc.

However, I think the shield can be improved in several ways:

  1. AFAIK the main purporse of this shield is to connect various sensors to Arduino. Almost all sensors require 3.3v power, but the only voltage provided by shield is 5v and there is no way to change it.
    I would like to have a switch or jumper which will alow me to select 3.3v or 5v. The Arduino already have 3.3v pin, which can be used as source.
    Or maybe there can be separate switches for different groups of pins, e.g. one power switch for digital pins 1-5, another for 5-10, one more for serial, one more for i2c, etc.

  2. The i2c port is combined with serial port so they can not be used simulteneously. I would like to have a separate i2c port or even two or three :slight_smile: .

  3. Question: The shield I have received contains two 10-pin connectors. This connecteros are not mentioned in shield description. Could you please add some info about them, particulary can I use them to connect “Electronic brick - LCD” to my Arduino?


Thank you for your advice.

The two 10-pin connectors which on the shield can be use to connect “Electronic brick - LCD” to your Arduino. The pin info is in the follow picture.
Of course, you can refer to the link.


Thanks for your answer!