Electronic brick shield for Jaluino

Hi Seeedstudio guys,

I have plans to design a shield for Jaluino (http://jaluino.org), something similar to the electronic brick extension shield (http://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/electronic-brick-shield-v4-p-458.html). The idea is to be able to use your electronic bricks and provide libraries for them.

  • do you have any Eagle library which all connectors, so I can build a proper PCB ? Specifically the “buckled” ones ? Are they just like 3-pins or 4-pins MOLEX type ?

  • do you even have a schematic so I can have a rough idea about features (analogs, digitals, serial, i2c, spi, …) you mapped and those you didn’t. Jaluino is based on Microchip 18F4550 and provides more features like USB, more pins, more analogs, I²C, SPI and serial, … so my shield will provide more connectors, and even new types

  • does Chassis v1.1 kind of deprecated ? What about big connectors like the one used to plug LCD brick ? Should I add some on my shield ?

  • is there any brick that use SPI protocol, and if so, what connector is used ?

  • is there any particular advice you could give me ? Except some resistors (probably for I²C) and some decoupling caps, I can’t see any other components. Is it really just of exposing specific connectors ?


Hi Seb:

Thanks for the the interests!

Bad news: electronic bricks will be gone.
Good news: Grove will be in its place…

If you could wait a few weeks, we will finish our validation and publish the template. You may check more info about GROVE here.



thanks for your reply, indeed these are bad and good news ! I’ll wait some more weeks. When talking about template, will you provide some kind of Eagle template to create our own “Twig” ? In my case, I’d like to create a “Stem” board for Jaluino. Will you provide some guidelines ?


We have Eagle library with all connectors, but only a few kinds used in our product. We have 2-pins , 3-pins and 4-pins with buckle.
NOW we use unified 4-pins (2.0mm) MOLEX type for our new electronic brick extension shield - STEM. It has SPI connector on STEM. We will sale Chassis v1.1 if customers have needs; we are also developing serial LCD driver for LCD1602 which is 4-pins compatibe with STEM.
In my opinion, it really just of exposing specific connectors which can simplify the hardware design for users sake.
GOOD luck with your electronic brick extension shield for Jaluino, we are look forward to it!!

The standard size for Twig in each product’s datasheet , you can also refer to Stem’s datasheet in the near future.

Anyone ever get the brick chassis v1.1 schematic?

I’d like to use it in an Arduino simulator like Fritzing (fritzing.org).

I noticed its sorta becoming old now, but I own it and trying to avoid buying more components if necessary (even though the Grove stuff looks fun too). I went to that Jaluino website and couldn’t find it either.