Electronic brick - Electricity meter(Analog)


I bought a Electronic brick - Electricity meter (Analog) recently and would like to use it. Can anyone help me with an example for Arduino?



The electricity meter can used to measure the AC current through it , and it scale the AC current through it as 2000:1 and output , on the Electronic that this output current is by a resistor to change to voltage . so when 1A AC current through the electricity meter , the output voltage is about 400mV.


I also recently bought this product, but without any docs or schematics its kind of hard to use…
For example:

  • What does the potentiometer do?
  • What does the jumper pins do (it says “On” / “Off”)??
  • Voltage limitations? Can I run the cable of a 220V power strip through the meter and measure the current consumption of the devices hooked into the meter (this was my plan…)

Any help appreciated…
Thx, Goran

  1. the potentiometer just work as a resistor to change the current output into the voltage output.
  2. if you jump the jumper on ON that you can use the module , but jump it on OFF that it doesn’t work .
  3. 220V is all right. it’s designed for doing something like your plan , go ahead.

As expected then, but what value is the potentiometer? When measuring it, it seems to go from ca 150 ohm to ca 1050 ohm (if I remember correctly). Is there a 150 ohm resistor in series as well, built into the potentiometer?


you can not measure a resister when it’s in a circuit…or you will never get the value you want …

and it’s 800ohm