Electricity Data Logger


Hope someone can help with a problem I have using the Stalker as an electricity logger from a pulsed meter.

I assembled the board and attached the sensor - details of configuration are at www.airsensor.co.uk. However the sensor will not record the pulses from the meter. If I hold the sensor against the palm of my hand for few seconds and release the pulse LED comes on but stays on. Any suggestions what is wrong?

Could really do with some help on this.

Sorry, what kind of sensor are you using? Could you give us a link?


Full details of the sensor and setup here:

airsensor.co.uk/component/zo … nitor.html

I seem to have got the logging function working. The one issue is with the pulse LED on PIN4 of the board. It should pulse with each pulse of the electricity meter. However I can’t get this to work. The pulse sometimes works but more often than not, there is no pulse from the LED. I’ve tried adjusting the pulse delay but with no effect.

Anyone offer any guidance on getting the pulse LED to show a visible pulse. The data appears to be written correctly to the SD card which suggests the sensor is detecting the meter pulses but the indication LED is not pulsing. Not essential but a useful visual feedback to check that the data is being recorded correctly.

Thanks for any help.

Andyh, are you running the sketch published on the airsensor site unmodified?

What did you change to fix the problem mentioned in your first post?

I was using the sketch unmodified from the site. It turns out there was a mistake in the published sketch. I sorted the problem out with a very helpful representative from Airsensor. It was a simple error in the coding.

The logger is now up and running with no problems. I think he’s now resolved the issue with the code on the website and updated it.