(ELB149C5M) Signal LED stays on for - 125Khz RFID Card

I purchased an RFID reader last year - seeedstudio.com/depot/electr … l?cPath=52

It worked a few times initially, but then the signal LED would come on and not go off, and no output from the device.

Checking the card, the power LED is on, and sticking a scope on the antena shows a change in voltage when I bring an RFID tag near it. I’m not sure what else I can troubleshoot to see if I can get it working…the chips seem to be an amplifier and some sort of microprocessor? Is there any way to check to make sure the firmware on the microprocessor is still in tact?

Hi garyamort ,
If that the 125Khz RFID Card can still output data via UART when the Signal LED is on ?