Editing the CONTACTS list in RePhone


Here’s the way to edit the CONTACTS list in the RePhone:

  1. Connect to a PC or Mac via the USB port (with the battery attached).
  2. Put the phone module into Mass Storage mode by holding down the reset button for 2 seconds.
  3. This should cause the phone to be mounted as a USB storage device.

Look for the file “contacts.txt” and edit using the format:

“Name, Phone Number”

such as


Got this by reading Rephone Kit manual & the article about using the Rephone with the Mac:

github.com/Seeed-Studio/CodeLit … n-Mac-OS-X

Charlie in Houston

A further note:

The file format of the “address_book.txt” is MSDOS format, meaning
an EOL (end of line) delimiter of (carriage return/line feed).

This is automatic on PCs, but on the Mac you’ll have to use your favorite editor (mine is EMACS) and/or use
some sort of utility to put into “PC” format.

After I did this the address_book.txt works fine.

Charlie in Houston