Edison breakout and xadow kit sensors attachment

Hello everyone,
what’s the difference between installing the sensors on the breakout of edison and installing them on the xadow edison kit?
The sensors I’d like to use are: GSR, HR, 1.5g accelerometer. I am also wondering how to make a temperature sensor, but that’s another story.
With xadow set I mean: seeedstudio.com/depot/Xadow- … -2444.html
With the breakout I mean: seeedstudio.com/depot/Intel- … ?cPath=6_7

Please imagine to talk to a child and keep the answer very simple so I can understand you and you don’t lose time to write explanations for your answer (if I ask it).

The Intel Breakout board does no voltage level shifting on the interface pins, neither is the interface pin layout Xadow compatible.
If you want to use Xadow sensors with Edison the easy way its the Xadow Edison Expansion Board (you named it Xadow set) you should go for.