EdgeBox RPI4 WM1302 issues

I recently purchased the Seeed EdgeBox RPI4 and am trying to set up with WM1302 SPI LoRa module. There are no instructions or settings in the Seeed EdgeBox RPI4 documentation so am using LoRaWAN® Gateway Module WM1302 - Seeed Wiki (this uses a Pi hat to connect to WM1302) but am getting error when running ./lora_pkt_fwd -c global_conf.json.sx1250.US915 command. Error happens when opening SPI communications interface per below:

CoreCell reset through GPIO17…
SX1261 reset through GPIO17…
CoreCell power enable through GPIO18…
CoreCell ADC reset through GPIO13…
Opening SPI communication interface
ERROR: [main] failed to start the concentrator

Can you verify what pins should be set in reset_lgw.sh script ?

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I am following section 3.3 of the EdgeBox user manual for the WM1302 installed in the Mini-PCIe and am using pin 5 for sx1302 reset and pin 6 for sx1302 power enable. I have already tested the WM1302 using a seeed Pi hat and a RPi4 per the wiki at LoRaWAN® Gateway Module WM1302 - Seeed Wiki and it works as described to start the LoRa packet forwarder. Now I am trying to do the same test using the EdgeBox RPi 200 with the WM1302 module installed in the EdgeBox. I have modified the reset_lgw.sh script to use pin 5 for sx1302 reset and pin 6 for sx1302 power enable. Following the instructions in the WM1302 wiki to start the packet forwarder using command “./lora_pkt_fwd -c global_conf.json.sx1250.US915” I get the error “ERROR: [main] failed to start the concentrator”. Can you provide any information or guidelines on how to use the WM1302 when installed in the EdgeBox? The only information on the seeed EdgeBox website for LoRa states “Mini-PCIe support LoRaWAN(Seeed WM1302 tested)*” and “You can use Seeed WM1302 module for LoRaWAN applications”. Is there any additional information or guidelines on using the EdgeBox with LoRa that can be provided?

Also having the same issues, lack of information regarding this issue.

You can follow the steps below:

  1. Start by commenting out the two lines shown in the figure in the config.txt file

sudo nano /boot/config.txt

  1. Reboot your EdgeBox RPI4

After performing the above two steps, re-perform the Wiki step.

Thankyou for your reply, still does not work.

I have already done this, I have also enabled “dtoverlay=spi1-3cs”.
Changed spidev in global_conf.json and no matter what I still get that error.

Just to clarify, my sx1261 is set to 5.
Wrong variable is set in reset_lgw.sh on the Echo line to terminal window.

SX1302_RESET_PIN=17     # SX1302 reset
SX1302_POWER_EN_PIN=18  # SX1302 power enable
SX1261_RESET_PIN=5     # SX1261 reset (LBT / Spectral Scan)
AD5338R_RESET_PIN=13    # AD5338R reset (full-duplex CN490 reference design)

    sleep 0.1

init() {
    # setup GPIOs
    echo "$SX1302_RESET_PIN" > /sys/class/gpio/export; WAIT_GPIO
    echo "$SX1261_RESET_PIN" > /sys/class/gpio/export; WAIT_GPIO
    echo "$SX1302_POWER_EN_PIN" > /sys/class/gpio/export; WAIT_GPIO
    echo "$AD5338R_RESET_PIN" > /sys/class/gpio/export; WAIT_GPIO

    # set GPIOs as output
    echo "out" > /sys/class/gpio/gpio$SX1302_RESET_PIN/direction; WAIT_GPIO
    echo "out" > /sys/class/gpio/gpio$SX1261_RESET_PIN/direction; WAIT_GPIO
    echo "out" > /sys/class/gpio/gpio$SX1302_POWER_EN_PIN/direction; WAIT_GPIO
    echo "out" > /sys/class/gpio/gpio$AD5338R_RESET_PIN/direction; WAIT_GPIO

reset() {
    echo "CoreCell reset through GPIO$SX1302_RESET_PIN..."
    **echo "SX1261 reset through GPIO$SX1302_RESET_PIN..."**
    echo "CoreCell power enable through GPIO$SX1302_POWER_EN_PIN..."
    echo "CoreCell ADC reset through GPIO$AD5338R_RESET_PIN..."

    # write output for SX1302 CoreCell power_enable and reset
    echo "1" > /sys/class/gpio/gpio$SX1302_POWER_EN_PIN/value; WAIT_GPIO

    echo "1" > /sys/class/gpio/gpio$SX1302_RESET_PIN/value; WAIT_GPIO
    echo "0" > /sys/class/gpio/gpio$SX1302_RESET_PIN/value; WAIT_GPIO

    echo "0" > /sys/class/gpio/gpio$SX1261_RESET_PIN/value; WAIT_GPIO
    echo "1" > /sys/class/gpio/gpio$SX1261_RESET_PIN/value; WAIT_GPIO

    echo "0" > /sys/class/gpio/gpio$AD5338R_RESET_PIN/value; WAIT_GPIO
    echo "1" > /sys/class/gpio/gpio$AD5338R_RESET_PIN/value; WAIT_GPIO

Please use this github repo as I have prepare for Edgebox-RPI-200 with wm1302 SPI version.
The steps are:

1. git clone https://github.com/peterpanstechland/sx1302_hal.git
2. cd ~/sx1302_hal/
3. git checkout Edgebox-RPI-200 
4. make
5. cd packet_forwarder/
6. cp ../tools/reset_lgw.sh .
#This is example of using WM1302 SPI US915
7../lora_pkt_fwd -c global_conf.json.sx1250.US915