Edgebox-200 watchdog


Do you have an example of how I can use the watchdog in Edgebox-200? Which pin is WDO?


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I see in the manual here,

Section 3.4 discribes the method in using the WDT,
WDI input is GPIO25 , D11 LEDis the indicator to track and System RST# is the output that resets the system from what I see.

3.4 WDT

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The manual also says “Send WDO a negative pulse with 200ms low level to reset the system”, how can I do that?



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Hmmm, I think they mean the WDO does that if you don’t write to the GPIO every so often or "200ms "it will fire the WDO output that resets the system. Manual may be a poor translation?
either way you write or manipulate the GPIO to keep it from resetting the system.
Try the example in the manual and send an e-mail to seeed tech support for any additional info.
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The Edgebox RPI 200 does not enable the watchdog by default. If you want to enable it, you can activate the WDT (Watchdog Timer) module and light up the LED by providing 8 pulses to GPIO25. Only when the watchdog is enabled, the situation where ‘Send WDO a negative pulse with 200ms low level to reset the system’ exists.