Eclipse and LinkIt SDK

Do you want to develop faster with LinkIt SDK or just sick and tired of the Arduino IDE?
I have fixed up the Eclipse Arduino plugin to work with LinkIt SDK!

There are a few steps to be made to get it working:

You need to download Arduino IDE 1.5.5r2 (not the one Mediatek says LinkIt supports) …

Download the ready bundled Eclipse with every thing from here for Win64 bit … -02.tar.gz.

Or if you have an Eclipse IDE and you a familiar with it you can install the plugin from here as plugin site, make sure you have CDT toolkit installed.

Download LinkIt SDK

Unzip / install the Arduino IDE at your favorite location (recommended not to use blanks in the path).
Install the LinkIt SDK and point out your Arduino installation.

Go to the folder “Arduino IDE installation path”\hardware\arduino\mtk and rename the platform.txt to platform.txt_org
And rename the platform_156.txt to platform.txt (the nice people at Mediatek have fixed support for this version to).

Unzip the win64.2014-11-26_02-06-02.tar.gz/win32.2014-11-26_02-06-02.tar.gz to some folder start arduinoEclipse.exe located in the root folder.

Go to the menu Window -> Preferences choose Arduino in the tree. Point out your Arduino IDE installation and hit Apply.
Expand C/C++ and choose File Types make sure the column Filename has an entry with *.ino and the description C++ Source File, if not you have to create one, just click New and fill in Pattern with *.ino and Type to C++ Source File.

Open the Arduino workspace and now you almost feel at home…

Create a new sketch, name it and hit Next >, select the boards.txt file hardware\arduino\mtk\boards.txt, select Board LinkIt ONE and select the com port you use.
Hit Finish.
Now you have a new project!
Make sure you have built your project before you upload, Eclipse don’t do this for you.

If you want to find out more about the Eclipse Arduino plugin have a look here

If you have some issues please post in this thread and buggs are reported at

Good luck!

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